• Benefits of Career Counseling

    One of the most important aspects of adulthood is one’s career. Afterall, most adult Americans will spend a third of their lives at their job. But some studies have revealed that only half of Americans are satisfied with their careers. Many are feeling stressed to the max, and this is affecting their health and overall well-being.

    Career counseling helps individuals choose and change careers at any stage in their life. A career counselor can help you navigate the stress associated with changing your career or help you brainstorm potential career options.

    How Does Career Counseling Work Exactly?

    Career counseling isn’t just for those individuals looking for a career change, it can be incredibly beneficial for those just entering the workforce as well, or those who are looking for ways to climb the proverbial ladder. Career counselors provide their clients with aptitude assessments, resources, networking opportunities and next steps to begin their journey.

    A career counselor can be a life coach, a mentor, or a trained therapist. While all will be able to discuss career development and offer appropriate resources, there is a definite advantage to seeing a therapist. And that’s because he or she will be able to address the powerful emotions that often accompany navigating a career path. Whether you’re dealing with stress, fear, or self-esteem issues, a trained therapist can help you get to the root of the emotions so you can conquer them and develop yourself for your ideal career.

    If you are having difficulty deciding on the right career, or you are in need of making a career change and would like to speak to someone, please get in touch with me.





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